2016년 3월 28일 월요일

January, 2016

2016 Y-Teen General Assembly
Youth department hosted a general assembly on the 7th, Jan. Twenty seven Y-Teen board members made an assessment of their activities in 2015 and created plans for the upcoming year. Also there was an election for the new board members and discussed how to develop the Y-Teen nationwide council and the Seoul YWCA regular volunteering program.


Cooking Class "Ohsunji"
The Gangnam Youth Center held a traditional cooking class "Ohsunji" on the 15th, Jan. as a special lecture in the Chinese character class. This class was proposed for elementary students to learn Chinese characters with fun activities. The participants tasted culinary culture by making rice cake with castella crumble and melted chocolate.

Youth Steering Committee Winter Workshop
Youth Steering Committee in the Seongdong Youth Center called "Creating Beautiful World" hosted a winter workshop on the 8th~9th, Jan. The group evaluated the activities in 2015 and made plans for 2016. Afterward, they also enjoyed a variety of sports games.

Published Everyone's newspaper
Garak Social Service Center published Everyone's Newspaper with Rainbow Reporters(youth activists group). The six youth reporters thoroughly participated in planning, editing, publishing, distribution of the newspaper. This newspaper will be made a good use of an active communication tool in the community.

December, 2015

Christmas Party

Seongdong Youth Center hosted Christmas party on the 24th Dec., 2015. Youth Steering Committee made it happen from the planning and received great response by arranging making Christmas trees, snacks that could be shared all of the participants.

Job Fair

Nowon Women Resources Development Center conducted the fifth job fair on the 1st Dec., 2015. Eight corporations were taken part in to hire staffs through job interviews. Basic physical, Chinese acupuncture, nail polishing art, hand massage classs were also open for job seekers. 204 participants earned useful information regarding recuiting and career paths.

Seminar for cyber violence Prevention Guidance

Gangnam School Violence Prevention Center held a seminar analyzing current situation of youth cyber violence to distribute appropriate guidance to teenagers. Seventy six participants including professors, police officers, teenagers discussed diverse solutions to tackle the cyber-attack culture wide-spread among youth. 

Working Mom Festival

Yeongduengpo Women Resources Development Center held the seventh Working Mom Festival at the Hi-Seoul Youth Hostel Auditorium on the 3rd Dec., 2016. Approximately 100 women who had undertaken career discontinuation found work places through this Center in 2015. They shared their experiences of successful settlement at work and encouraged each other  to keep working despite the difficulty of work family compatibility. 

2016년 3월 13일 일요일

2015 events in April

The events of April

Leadership Saturday volunteer club “Kidari School” ‘Build Y-leadership!’ ‘Kidari School’ is nationwide youth club based on vision leadership, team leadership, and practical leadership. Seoul Y ‘Kidari School’ is waiting for youths who like to raise their self-initiative, discuss about life and peace, and do volunteer work.

For whom: From freshmen in middle school (around 14 years old) to sophomores in high school( around 18 years old)

Fee: Membership 5000 won

Due date: 10th of April

Apply: download application form on the Seoul-Y website, complete the form, and send it to yteen6009@nate.com.

Activities: nonnuclear workshop and campaign, EM soap making, peace trip, and nationwide ‘Kidari School’ membership camp.

Question: Call 02-3705-6009
* Volunteer certification will be issued if you take part in more than 80% of the regular meetings on Saturday

  [Yeongdeung-po] ‘MENSA Math Game Instructor’ Trainee Recruiting  Yeongdeung-po Women Resources Development Center opens a ‘MENSA Math Game Instructor’ training course, which is getting a spotlight recently. Through this course, instructors will learn not only how to activate children’s brain by using board game, but also how to develop overall thinking ability of children and enable them to solve mathematical problems by themselves combined with 5 areas of math ( number and calculation, figure, measurement, regularity, and probability and statistics)

When? : April 30th ~ June 18th (Every Thursday) 10:00am~ 1:00pm
(Once a week, total number of times: 8, 24 hours)

For whom: Creative math (board game) instructors , parents interested in this course,
anyone interested in job recruiting (After-school activity, culture center, home-schooling)

How to apply?: visit website (www. ywacajob.or.kr) or the center.

Question?: 02-858-4514

  [Gangnam] ‘Dream! Dreaming Camera’ Seongdong Youth Center are waiting for Camera class participants (vulnerable high school students), who like to learn various camera-works and take photos with emotional expression.

Deadline: April 19th (Thursday)

When: until November (two Saturdays per month)

Fee: Free

How to apply? : Submit application after confirmation of phone call.

Question: 02-2236-2678

[Gangnam] ‘Thanks Therapy Parent Education’ Gangnam Youth Center opens a ‘Thanks Therapy Parent Education’ course for parents who would like to raise their children with healthy personality by cultivating a good thanks habit. We ask for many parents’ continuous interests and participation.

When: April 9th~May 7th (every Thursday) 10:00~12:00

Subject for education: Parents, anyone interested in that course.

Instructor: Jeong, Gwang-un, and Ju-Hang Lee (Korea Thanks Therapy Institute)

Contents: How to thank for a little thing How to raise their children by thanks, not by loud scolding

How to enhance Thank You Index on their own as parents 

Fee: 30000 won

Question: 02-545-2719, 3442-5167

  Collect Waste Computer Seoul Y Youth Team collects waste computers. If you donate the computers from every home and company, it is scheduled to be used as the number of public activities and Seoul Y volunteer works in Tanzania and Myanmar through People and Com, a social enterprise, which is fixing secondhand computers and returning them to the society.

 A collecting period: Every last week of month (until December)

Contents: Waste computer (Being ruined or having a slow performance), Mouse, Keyboard, connection line, and so on (every part of computer)

Question: 02-3705-6023

[Bongcheon] Multi-culture understanding activist ‘Da All’ Recruitment Multi-culture understanding activity organization aiming at spreading positive awareness of multi-culture is recruiting new activists. After completion of all the courses, you can be take part the activity as a member of ‘Da All’.
 Period: April 20th ~ May 13th ( Every Monday and Wednesday)

Place: Bongcheon Welfare Center ( Jogak-bo Sarang Bang)

For whom:  Migrant women and 20 local women

Content: necessity of multi-culture understanding activity Learn various cultures of different countries

Question: 02-870-4459

[Performance] Senior Troupe ‘Chok’ 2th Regular Performance Seoul Y Senior troupe ‘Chok’ is going to show its new performance. The performance is four colors stories about desire and obsession related to possession. It reminds us of what we ignore in our daily lives by inspiring the aspect of greedy.

Subject: A chair does not have fault

When: April 17th (Friday) 4pm and 7pm April 8th (Saturday) 2pm and 5pm

Place of performance: First floor of Maru Fee: Free Question: 02-9705-6019

  [Academy] Lifetime Member Academy 
Lifetime members can take up a variety of courses like health, humanity, and art, and they can promote their fellowship through Lifetime Member Academy. Anyone who has a lifetime membership can take part in the program. We would like to share touching by picking up a higher qualified movies especially in 2015.

When: April 27th (Monday) 11:00am~ 3:00pm

Where: Below 3rd floor (Yoga room), First floor of Maru

Contents: Line dance, lunch, and movie

Fee: 10000 won (including lunch)

Question: 02-3705-6019 

2015 events in January


[Gangnam] Winter Vacation Volunteering Activities in Rural Communities
Gangnam Youth Training Center is preparing 'Wintering in the Rural Area Project 1,' which is a program targeting elementary school students. This program allows the students to experience the lifestyle of rural areas. The Center is looking forward to having many students with passion in the program
Application Deadline: January 24th (Sat.)
When? : January 31th (Sat.) 8:30 ~ 16:00
Where? : Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do
Who to Apply?: All grades of Elementary school students
Program Contents : Experiencing Rural lifestyle (Kimchi-making, Home-made tofu),
& Activities with Hangi, the traditional Korean paper (Hanji-making, traditional kite-making using Hangi)
How to apply? : Through phone calls
Questions? : Call 3442-5160
[Sung-dong] A City Tour in Search of History
Sung-dong Culture House for Youths, in search of history, is holding a city tour program during the winter vacation. They are making efforts to help the teenagers form a new future with proper historical perspective
7th (Wed.) January
National Museum of Korea
14th (Wed.) January
War Memorial of Korea
21th (Wed.) January
Seoul Museum of History
28th (Wed.) January
Seodaemun Prison History Hall
Who to Apply? : Elementary school students, grade 4 ~ grade 6
Application fee : 15,000 won
Questions? : Call 2236-2678
[Yeongdeung-po] In-depth Course for Reading Art Instructors
Yeongdeung-po Women Resources Development Center is opening an in-depth course to furnish reading art instructors. This course is linked up with 'reading art instructor level 3' and at the completion of this in-depth course, the students can achieve level 2 license. The reading art instructor program is a combination course designed to cultivate instructors for children's reading instruction and art education, which is good not only for the children's emotions but also for psychotherapy. With the instructions, children can form a proper reading habit that will last all through their life.      

When? : January 5th ~ March 9th 
Every Monday 10:00~14:00 / 10 weeks, 40 hours
Application fee : 280,000 won (Additional 65,000 won for course materials)
Questions? : Call 858-4514

[Garak] Winter Vacation Program. 'A Village Library Sharing Warmth'
Garak Welfare Center is trying to form a village culture by bringing the people from both leased and owner apartment complexes together through a village library and to build an expanded community. In January, they are planning a 'Village Library Sharing Warmth' program. This program offers various cultural activities including children's story narration, book art, collective games, and movies.

When? : January 12th (Mon.) ~ 24th(Sat.)
Where? Pinetown Village Library in Jangji-dong. Complexes 8 & 9
Program Contents : Children's story narration, book art, collective games, and movies.
Questions? : Call 449-2343

[Gangnam] Recruiting new members for 'Peace Maker'
Peace Maker is a violence-prevention club, which started their work in 2008. When one joins this club, he/she can learn about school violence and on peer counseling. He/She as a peace maker can also perform various activities to prevent school violence.

Recruitment Deadline : January 23th(Fri.)
Interview Date : January 24th(Sat.) 11;00
Where? : Gangnam Youth Training Center Arumduri Room (B1)
Who to apply? : Students who are interested in prevention of school violence and peer counseling,
8th Grader ~ Highschool Junior
Benefits : Participation in the peer counseling training for peace makers;
Peace maker Certificate;
Community Service Certificate to the students with higher than 70% of attendance;
Providing supervision on peer counseling and on counseling activities; and Awards to the participant who satisfies the established standards.
Activity Time : Every Second and Fourth Saturday 10:00~12:00
Activity Description : Planning and holding peer counseling training;
Planning and holding a school violence prevention campaign;
and Participating in contest exhibition about peer counseling
Application : Download application form on the website (www.gangnamyc.or.kr) and apply to (gangnamyc@hanmail.net)
Question? : Call School Violence Prevention Center at 545-2719

[Bong-chun] Recruiting lunch box delivery volunteers for senior citizens
Bong-chun Social Welfare center is waiting for warm hands who could help with packing and delivering lunch boxes to low income seniors in Gwanak-gu and who have difficulty in moving around.

Recruitment Deadline : January 2th(Fri.) ~
When to Serve? : Service begins on Jan. 5(Mon.) / Once a week / 9:00~12:00
Where to? : Home of the senior citizens near the Bong-chun Social Welfare Center
Activity Description : Packing and delivering lunch boxes
Questions?: Call 870-4456

[Gangnam] A Course to Cultivate Instructors Who Will Lead School Violence Prevention Programs
To prevent school violence, School Violence Prevention Center located in the Gangnam Youth Training Center cultivates professional instructors. They are waiting for those who want a new, differentiated education to prevent school violence, or those who want to work as an instructor at the School Violence Prevention Center.

Recruitment Deadline : January 30th(Fri.)
When? : February 3th(Tues.) ~ February 5th(Thur.) / 10:00~17:00
Where? : Gangnam Youth Training Center Arumduri Room (B1)
Who to Apply? : School violence prevention instructors,
& Interested citizens (15 people)
Course Description : Understanding what is involved in school violence; learn what life-respect education is; workshop on the course material development; learn the ways to fast recovery of the victims; and workshop on & demonstration of teaching methods
Education Fee : 100,000 won
Application : Download application form on the website (www.gangnamyc.or.kr) and apply to (gangnamyc@hanmail.net)
Questions? : Call School Violence Prevention Center at 545-2719

About World Fellowship Department

World Fellowship Department(WFD) is one of Seoul YWCA's various divisions. It aims at developing women's leadership, promoting women's rights through Asian women joint movement, and making an international exchange with YWCAs and NGOs in the world.

Phone : 82-2-3705-6047
Fax : 82-2-3705-6047
E-mail : pearl54@lycos.co.kr
Address : #1-1, Myeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul

See the leaflet on introduction of WFD for further information.

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